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Once we re-branded EuroSpa Aromatics and refreshed their look & feel, the first thing we did was rebuild their entire online presence.

We started with the website. The previous website had decent content but it was not optimized or organized. The look was completely out-of-date and didn’t accurately reflect the fine quality of the brand. First, we took a thorough look at all of their website content to make sure it was reflective of the brand and optimized for SEO. The imagery and web design were born out of the revamped content, to make the whole site experience more pleasurable. We also wanted to make sure that updating the site and creating blog content would be stress-free, so we built it in WordPress.

Then we created a whole new online shopping experience using the Squarespace platform. The old shop was totally frustrating for EuroSpa to update and was a equally frustrating as a buying experience for visitors. And there was no way for wholesale customers to purchase online either, so we created a separate password-protected store for these customers, enabling a whole new revenue stream online as well as making that process more streamlined on EuroSpa’s end. After just five months, online sales increased 435% from the previous year.

EuroSpa Aromatics

Web Design, Web Development