2 Big Reasons Why You Must Have a Blog on Your Spa Website

November 20, 2018SEO

Having a blog for your website is as essential as having your contact information displayed prominently on your website. Yes, that means you must have a blog. It will do a few things for your spa, many of them we talk about frequently, like SEO. A blog will set you apart as an expert and … Read More

How to Perform Your Own Website SEO Audit (So It Works as Hard as You Do)

September 18, 2018SEO

SEO is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Everything from the words on the pages of your site to your images have to be optimized for the biggest impact. Think about it: your spa is beautiful. It’s full of luxurious amenities. And your marketing is an extension of the brand you’ve established in person. … Read More

Google’s Fred Update Could Hurt Your Site

March 28, 2017News, SEO

Google makes hundreds of updates a year – more than one per day. Most of them go unnoticed and aren’t a big deal. However some create a lot of shakeup as site owners and webmasters notice major fluctuation in the rankings and site traffic. This stuff is fun for us – we examine and learn … Read More