About Chix Creative

Your design partner in spa excellence.

At Chix Creative, we know that your guests want to balance their busy lives and to heal their bodies and spirits. They rely on you as a trusted companion in their wellness regimen. For your guests, a spa is not just an escape, but a place to rejuvenate. Your spa is an integral element of their empowered self-care ritual. They are discerning, and they choose you because of your attention to the smallest details.

That’s why the Chix Creative process is deeply and inherently customized. Your business depends on it.

With Chix, there’s no agency-style big reveal with little communication, options or opportunities for revision. We work in collaboration with your goals and your team to ensure your online representation and marketing literature are uniquely representative of your premier spa experience.

With us, it’s simple:

your goals are our goals, and our results are your results.

We believe that spas are at the heart of a healthy lifestyle, and we understand the industry not only as professional design thinkers but as regular guests.

Intentional style, cultivated experience, spa excellence.

Built with design, flexibility, and ingenuity in mind, Chix Creative is your one-stop, full-service branding and marketing partner.

Who we are.

Chix Creative was founded in 2005 to address the growing need for long-term branding and marketing partnerships in the reputable spa industry.

With over 20 years of design and development experience, Chix Creative navigates the design world with professionalism and vision. We operate on a multi-faceted discovery and strategy process to realize the right results for your business.

With the strategy in place, we can then design a brand identity, marketing materials and website based on your goals, your audience and your opportunities. We iterate and implement as your business and your reputation grows.

Most importantly, as your brand and marketing partner,

our work is always transparent and collaborative.