Having a blog for your website is as essential as having your contact information displayed prominently on your website. Yes, that means you must have a blog. It will do a few things for your spa, many of them we talk about frequently, like SEO.

A blog will set you apart as an expert and leader in your industry. You’ll be viewed as a reputable authority. You know how we say trust is the most important value for your brand? Having a blog will highlight that you know your stuff. This leads to trust!

Another crucial thing your blog will do for your spa website is helping with SEO. It is a big deal, which is why we talk about SEO so much. A website that doesn’t take advantage of all the SEO options available is as pointless as toast without avocados.

Why you want a blog for reputation management

Creating trust with your clients is a huge step to turning a one-time guest into a regular client with a standing appointment. (You know those happy clients, the people who would miss their dog’s birthday party before missing their monthly facial. You want those kinds of people in your spa more often, right?)

In the spa business, clients are extremely vulnerable while literally in your hands, so trust is the most important value for your spa brand. Yes, it’s so important we wrote that twice!

Having a blog will increase the trust factor

When attracting a new client, education is the name of the game. You want to get people in your spa who are educating themselves and focusing on their health, not the ones looking for a deal.

A sure way to translate your spa expertise to new clients is by writing about it. One of the fastest ways of absorbing and retaining new information is by teaching it to someone else. Your spa’s blog is an excellent platform to do just that.

So, lead by example in your blog. Educating your potential customers will show them that you’re educated in spa manners yourself.

This trust you build through your blog will make them feel comfortable with you. You know the latest techniques, can offer insight into different services, and quell fears by explaining your processes and procedures. In short, you know your stuff.

Having a blog for your website is as essential as having your contact information on your website. There are two big reasons to blog: reputation and SEO.

It’s also the place to answer frequently asked questions. This will show your clients that you are paying attention to what’s being asked. It nurtures them and shows them that you’re caring and trustworthy.

Tell your story with your blog

Another way to build trust is to show the people behind the brand. We’re sure you’ve heard this before: people don’t buy from brands, they buy from people. Your blog is a fantastic place to tell the story of your spa.

To that wit, having a blog and showing personality will humanize your spa’s brand. That, in turn, will make your spa more approachable and attract new clients to you.

Why you want a blog for SEO

The more words you have on your site, the better. Well, that’s partly true. Google itself says that content is more important than SEO. That said, good content will be SEO’s best friend.

Google focuses on the visitor first. Their main goal is connecting the user with the information they’re looking for. If a visitor lands on your site and bounces (pardon the pun), Google will get the message that your site doesn’t have the information people are looking for.

And then? Your site doesn’t come up in the search as highly as it could if you had quality content written in a way that a human would find it useful.

Luckily, with a blog, you can provide informative, high quality content that’s relevant for your readers and appropriate to your industry.

However, if you don’t have content that someone actually wants to read, no amount of SEO will help. In other words: they aren’t wasting their time on your site.

If you want an SEO refresher, read our post about mistakes you’re making on your site and how to fix them and how to perform your own SEO audit.

What to write on your spa website’s blog

It can get overwhelming to think of topics to get started on your spa’s blog. Hell, it can get overwhelming to think of topics to keep going! Having a variety of content on your blog will keep it interesting, though, so always think about what will interest your readers.

Your spa’s blog should stay on-topic with content dedicated to the industry you’re in. This isn’t a lifestyle blog where anything goes. Your spa has a focus and so does its blog.

For example: Chix Creative provides sophisticated design and marketing to the spa industry. We handle every detail of branding, web and print design, marketing, and SEO solutions. Our blog reflects that.

Having a blog for your website is as essential as having your contact information on your website. There are two big reasons to blog: reputation and SEO.

If your spa is mindset-focused, write about mental health wellness in your blog. Have a nutritionist on staff? Add in recipes. Maybe you only use natural products and are dedicated to a better environment, include information about maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. You’re smart people, we don’t have to keep going on and on. You get it.

To brainstorm topics, think about:

  • Questions you always get asked about specific services.
  • Products you carry in your spa and love – why did you choose to carry them, what makes these products special, or how you may use them at home yourself.
  • Industry news (and any agreements/disagreements you may have and why).
  • Latest trends and techniques.
  • DIY and other suggestions for maintenance between appointments.

Again, you’re smart. That should get the wheels turning, but if you need help creating a marketing plan for your spa, contact us!

The key takeaways to consider when starting a blog for your spa

Having a blog on your spa’s website allows you to gain trust with your clients. It will show them you are the expert in your industry and they can trust you. You’ve done the legwork, you know the right techniques, you are reputable and safe.

Also, a blog highlights the fact that you know what you’re doing. In an industry where trust is a non-negotiable, this is reason alone to have a blog.

If you need more reasons, do it for the search. Quality content, updated frequently and written well, will entice readers to your site. Google will see that you have something people are searching for and reward your website well.

A variety of content focused on industry-specific topics will keep things fresh for your readers.

Overall, have a blog. Make sure it has a focus and stays on topic with quality content crafted with your clients in mind.

Having a blog for your website is as essential as having your contact information on your website. There are two big reasons to blog: reputation and SEO.

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