So you’ve got this beautiful spa with amenities fit for royalty. Your fantastic therapists deliver five-star worthy treatments. Your boutique is filled with world-class wellness and beauty products, and your operations are running so smoothly that many of your days seem effortless.

But maybe your bookings aren’t as strong as you’d like. Your therapists have too much down time in between appointments and no one is relaxing in your classy amenities. Maybe previous guests aren’t coming back in the droves you hoped for. Do new prospective guests even know you exist and, if they do, where you are located and what you offer?

Fixing these problems doesn’t have to be complicated and, more often than not, there are four mistakes that spa brands make to cause a disconnect between the spa experience and marketing efforts to attract and retain guests.

In this four-part series, we’re going to show you the mistakes you’re making in your spa branding and marketing that are turning off potential clients. Don’t worry, we’re also going to show you how to fix them—because we’re nice like that.

Mistake: Not Taking Your Spa Branding Seriously

There are a few different ways that people aren’t taking their spa branding seriously.

In Your Logo

The most common of them involves skipping the whole discovery and reflection process and moving straight to the logo. You know what I’m talking about: the “let’s-just- buy-a-cheap-logo-from-a-template-farm” decision that people often make when they’re rushing to market.

Whether you skip this entirely or hire a designer from a logo farm to customize a generic logo, you’re missing out on adding all the juicy, good stuff that makes up the secret sauce that is your brand.

The effects of bad branding can run deep. At best, bad branding just poorly represents you and at worst it can straight-up negate any advantage you’d have with a look and feel that really resonates with your audience.

An outdated logo tells people that your business can’t be bothered to stay relevant and up-to-date on the latest advancements or you’re still stuck in an era with all the people and technology from said era. Either way, this is not how you want to represent your spa’s brand.

Cheap, logo farm branding - just don't do it! It won't cut it with your spa branding.
Generic spa logos from a logo farm.
In Your Marketing Materials

The second way not to take your spa branding seriously is to put out marketing materials that are inconsistent. You have ads that look completely different from the look and feel of your website. You use different fonts and colors in every other piece you put out because you got someone different to do it every time or you did it yourself without having all the necessary branding assets from your designer.

Inconsistent branding makes it harder for people to trust you and your brand promise. They can’t mentally verify your authenticity, so they just won’t convert into a buyer.

Think about it: if your marketing is visually inconsistent, you look sloppy, careless, and unprofessional which (duh) has a totally negative impact on guests’ perception of your spa.

In the spa business, where you ask guests to get really vulnerable while literally in your hands, trust is the most important value for your brand.

How to Fix It

The answer, like most, is simple: take it seriously. This isn’t an instant fix, but it doesn’t have to take years either.

What’s Your WHY

First, you need to answer some hard questions on your WHY.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe. All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year. ”


Why did you start this business? What’s your business vision? Why is this work important to you? Why do you do what you do? What inspires you about this business and your industry?

Answers to these questions are essential in building a beautiful, blossoming, successful spa brand.

You can’t rush this part and you can’t skip it! A deep-dive discovery will help you define your WHYs and do so much more for your spa branding than simply picking your colors and creating a logo. It’s all part of the secret sauce that makes your spa unique.

The ingredients of your secret sauce involve:

  • Defining internal elements—your Unique Selling Proposition, brand promise, and positioning
  • Defining external elements—your corporate identity, website, and marketing collateral

If your WHY is out of alignment with any or all of these elements, your audience and potential guests can get turned off real quick.

Finding and Defining Your WHY

Have you been feeling that your WHY is out of alignment with your branding? Ask yourself the following three questions. You can then go to a brand designer with intention and direction:

  • How many guests do we lose every month to a spa with a stronger brand?
  • How many prospective guests do we turn off because of a lack of consistency between our website and marketing efforts?
  • How much revenue would we need to justify the costs of a rebrand?

Having an outdated logo or poor branding will make it hard for you to attract new customers. It really makes your marketing efforts more difficult when potential customers can’t get over bad branding.

It might also make your current customers wonder about the future of your spa business. They’re thinking, “If you don’t care about your branding, what other ways are you not investing in your business?” Again, they’re trusting you with their bodies!

Be Consistent

Second, make everything you have consistent. Branding consistency doesn’t mean everything has to look identical, but it should all be created from the standards you’ve put into place in your Brand Guidelines or Style Guide.

These standards help make sure your key messaging and visual communications are clearly and consistently applied across all of your channels.

Strong, consistent spa branding reinforces your identity, and drives positive feelings about and trust in your brand—critical deciding factors in getting potential guests through your door.

The Key Takeaways

First, we learned that you can’t afford NOT to hire a designer, brand strategist, or marketing consultant to help you nail your messaging.

We also learned that the way to fix inconsistent, sloppy spa branding is to get crystal-clear on WHY you are in business: what your brand stands for, what your vision for your spa is, and what inspires you in the spa industry.

Finally, we learned that how you convey all of that to your guests must be consistent. It’s your brand identity and it all has to work together to build up your spa, not sabotage it.

Next week, we’re talking about mistakes you’re making on your spa’s website.

Until then, let us know what you’re doing this week to take your spa’s branding seriously!

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