A warm hello to all our spa professional and product friends!

We wanted to tell you a little bit more about us, and how we do things around here. We’re different than any other graphic designer, web developer or marketer that you have met or done business with in the past. We understand you and your spa business, and are passionate about the spa industry. So passionate in fact, that we joined the International Spa Association (ISPA) as a resource partner. We share in the members’ mission and our own operating principles we set over 10 years ago match the ISPA code of ethics.

So what does that mean?


ISPA’s mission is to advance the spa industry by providing invaluable educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth.

ISPA’s vision is to be the leader in promoting and enhancing the well-being of the spa industry and the people it serves.

As a Resource Partner Member of International Spa Association, it’s our mission to enhance the quality of life through our endeavors to provide quality products, services and education to those we serve. In our cooperative efforts our goal is to bring appreciation, value and understanding of the spa experience and high-quality spa products to the consumer.


In order to fulfill our mission, we pledge the following:

  • That we will be guided in all activities by truth, accuracy, fairness and integrity.
  • That we produce quality products and services and continually educate our customer’s about our products and services to better serve the end consumer.
  • That we deliver on our commitments.
  • That we are an equal-opportunity employer.
  • That we will cooperate with our customers toward the continual expansion of the spa industry.
  • That we agree to conduct our business in a manner which commands the respect of those we serve.
  • That customer satisfaction will be the determining factor in all our business dealings.
  • That we pledge loyalty to the Association and agree to pursue and support its objectives.
  • That we pledge to keep informed on the latest techniques, developments and knowledge pertinent to professional improvement.
  • That we will help fellow members reach personal and professional fulfillment.
  • That we will utilize every opportunity to enhance the public image of the spa industry.
Photo Credit: ISPA.

Are you an ISPA member? Read all about ISPA here, and about their annual conference and expo (which we attend!) here. If you’re a high caliber spa or spa product, you’ll definitely want to be a part of this amazing professional organization.

Do you share these values and operate under the same guidelines? If so, then it’s highly likely that we’re a great fit for collaboration! Let’s get a call on the calendar to discuss your design and marketing needs. Contact us now »

This post was written in conjunction with Identity Hospitality, our newest associate and provider of spa & wellness business solutions.

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