If food is the way to a man’s heart, then content is the way to a potential guest’s heart.  It makes sense, right?  Feed them what they want and they are yours!

All consumers, including potential spa guests, are hungry for information. They want to control their  journey to making a purchase decision — which includes booking services at a spa. And they want answers to all their questions along the way.  Even with the volumes of content out there,  consumers and potential guests  are still craving information. No fluff, no sales pitch – just real information that talks to their concerns and questions.

Your potential guests are smarter now. Their search skills have evolved and they demand quality and personalization in the results to their queries. Your future guests  don’t have time to waste – they want real answers in a way that makes them feel comfortable – they want to recognize the tone and style and feel the content is really speaking to them.

The buying process has radically changed since the transition to a mobile-first world. Think about your own buying habits – how do you use your phone now?  

Studies claim that your guests are more likely to reach out via text or phone and that’s exactly what we are experiencing too.  Your phone is always in your hand so it makes sense that you turn to it for not only info but also purchasing.  

Did you know the average person touches their phone about 150 times a day?!

So we have a smarter consumer with a phone close at hand – it should be so much easier to close the sale, right?  BUT there is also a lot more noise out there than ever before. Social posts, ads, podcasts, videos – everyone is competing for the attention of the consumer.  

Your job is to stand out from the noise and compel them to take action with you.

To increase the chances you will earn their business, you need to really get inside the head and heart of a consumer and really grasp what moves them to action. What compels them, what excites them, what causes them to act now instead of taking action later.  

Consumers are compelled by fear, by ego, by desire. While humans are complex beings – when you boil down our motivators to purchase, we are pretty simple.

So what does it take to compel the audience and speak to those motivators?  And by that I mean kick ass and fill your pipeline with qualified leads at all stages of the buying cycle!

Let’s take a look at what usually happens in the content marketing process. The average spa will realize they need to produce content that is compelling, visually appealing and includes a way to engage the audience.  They work hard on producing content pieces and dressing them up all snazzy.  However, that approach stops short of being an actual strategy.  Churning out content is a start, but imagine the impact the content could have if:

  • It was strategically planned
  • It tied into seasonal, cultural or pop culture events at the time of production
  • It was repurposed into other content, getting more exposure than a single piece
  • It was part of a funnel that kept your audience engaged with you for longer and made them consume more of your content, creating more trust in your brand and increasing the likelihood that you will get that sale

A true content marketing strategy includes all of the above and it produces results that are far superior to anything a single content piece can produce.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, we invite you to check out the second post in this series. In the next segment, we dive right into create your strategic content calendar.


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